20th June – 30th June 2022

World foods by Innoveat group


The upcoming World Foods Expo is intended for all world food buyers involved in retail, restaurant chains, wholesalers, and distributors – as well as any other business seeking to procure exotic new flavours.

The event will be available to buyers for 10 exciting days, from Monday 20th June – Thursday 30th June 2022. Buyers in attendance will be provided with a secure personal login, granting access to browse, chat and meet with suppliers specialising in world foods.

As well as hosting an optional onboarding session 2 weeks before the event takes place, the Innoveat team will send buyers sample boxes and a digital copy of the show guide in advance.

If you are looking to procure new, delicious flavours for your business, then World Foods Expo 2022 is not an opportunity you want to miss out on! Please complete the form below to book your FREE place today.

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